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What's Been Happening?

Pitcher Ministries is NEW in 2022!

Heart Builder Ministries

It is the belief of Heart Builder that it is impossible to have a flourishing and fulfilling relationship with unhealthy, wounded and hurting hearts. Proverbs 4:23 tells us,
"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." 

As we move into 2022, Heart Builder will prepare and equip couples and singles with the information, tools and understanding they need to build healthy heart habits that lay the foundation for strong, committed, Christ-centered relationships based on God's holy word,
the Bible.

During this last quarter of 2021, we held our last Pre-Marriage BootCamp and wrapped up our last SYMBIS couple in December. We attended the Gateway Conference and absorbed some very impactful messages that will help us reach couples at a deeper level. We recently returned from the Clean Up Your Mental Mess conference by Dr. Caroline Leaf. We are excited to use the tools and information gained at this conference to help our couples and singles be intentional with their mind management with will ultimately assist with obtaining and maintaining healthy hearts. The transition from Pitcher Ministries to Heart Builder Ministries is under way.  We are grateful for all He has done in 2021 and look forward to the new in 2022!

Tears, Coffee, Mud & Hearts

This article was published in our 4th quarter newsletter of 2020.
We are republishing and ADDING because God did it AGAIN!!
Added text in red.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, God's greatest and most selfless gift to the world, we want to encourage you to always be on the lookout for the many ways He continues to show His love especially in the little things day to day.

On the morning of October 18, 2020 while enjoying a cup of coffee and reading my Bible, I picked up my coffee mug only to notice a perfect little “heart” at the top of the cup from my frothed creamer. As you look at the image below, the heart can be clearly seen. It is not one of those images in which you have to guess what it might be; it is clearly a heart. This perfect little heart did not disappear until I washed the mug.

I showed my coffee mug to Doug and he said how cool is that, a heart is on your mug. It was at that point that I showed him what my mug said, “Jesus. Best Gift Ever.” WOW, a perfectly shaped heart in a special mug.  

Of course at this point, I am curious as to what is God trying to say through my coffee this morning? I quickly remembered another "special" heart that "appeared out of the blue" almost a year ago to the day in church. I knew this was not happenstance!

On October 12, 2019, my dad went home to be with Jesus. During praise and worship at church on October 20, 2019, I was crying as I was thinking of my dad. I had grabbed a tissue from my purse to wipe my tears. As I opened up the tissue from wiping my eyes, there was a perfectly shaped “heart” formed by my tears. No where else on the tissue were there any tears. The tears were completely contained in the “heart.” Now some may say this is coincidence, in which I would respectfully disagree. I was so shocked by what I saw that I sat down and took a picture of the image on the tissue. I could not believe what I was looking at. Look at the image for yourself, what do you see?

I am so glad I took this picture. It was at that moment in church that I first saw the heart of tears on the tissue, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me that God knew my grief and was with me. I was also reminded of how He collects all our tears. I was so touched that my tears had been collected into a perfectly shaped heart. Again, there was no guessing at what the image was. Who would have guessed that almost one year later to the day I would experience such a similar experience? Well, I guess God would :-).

And He did it again!!! On October 7, 2021 as I was walking at the park, I happened to look down as I rounded a corner and look what was staring back at me...

This is yet another "heart" that "randomly" somehow formed out of wet dirt from the yard crew when mowing the park. The picture you see above is a corner I was rounding when I just "happened" to look down and see another perfectly shaped heart from mud??? Think about the possibility of this happening. First, the grass was wet from the morning dew. The blades of grass and the dirt with it was thrown from the mower and just happened to form a "perfectly shaped heart." I just "happened" to be walking and looking down at the precise time as I rounded the corner to see the "mud heart." Really? Yes, really!! God speaks to me in hearts. Not to mention...this is in the month of October as well as the first two "random hearts" which appeared in 2019 and 2020.

Why share this with you? We want you to be encouraged and remind you that God is always near and He sees your heart. He knows your pain. He will show up in the most unexpected ways and when you recognize Him in the moment, it is truly beautiful. Many have shared "God things" with us and we love to see how He is such an on time Heavenly Father and knows just what we need and when we need it.

In case you do not remember our new ministry name, it is..."Heart Builder Ministries." God has been working on this for awhile and yet we were unaware. God is first and foremost interested in our "hearts." He wants our hearts to be healthy and whole. This happens ONLY when we accept His "agape" love to flow straight from His heart to our heart.  Many times our hearts have been so wounded that we find it hard to accept God's unconditional love and even that can be a process.

Are you feeling blue as you enter into 2022?
What would a heart examination do for you in 2022?

Why not let the "Great Physician" place His highly skilled hands on your heart and fill it with His love? He is in the business of mending broken hearts and setting captives free. 

Our prayer is a healthy heart for YOU in 2022!

Merry Christmas
Have a Blessed New Year!

It all started with a baby in a manger. (Luke 2) 

"Jesus is the Reason for the Season"

Wherever and however you are celebrating this Christmas and New Year, we encourage you to take time to reflect on what that baby in a manger means to you.
May the love of Jesus fill each of your hearts as you enter 2022.

Are you a "Battery Charger"? 

Before we can be a "Battery Charger," we must first have a healthy heart.
May your heart be built with the love of Christ and develop you into a "Battery Charger."
Pre-Marriage Bootcamp IN-PERSON | Saturday, January 15, 2022, 9am - 5pm

Engaged? Did you insure her ring? Better yet, what marriage insurance have you purchased? We believe Pre-Marriage BootCamp and other pre-marriage training can act as a form of "Marital Insurance" if you will by strengthen your relationship. Added bonus...get $60 off your Texas Marriage License! You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVEYTHING to gain when you attend our Pre-Marriage BootCamp. Don't delay, register today!
Learn More About the BootCamp

Celebration Corner - Newlyweds

Richard & Dondria
September 9, 2021
We CELEBRATE marriage! Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the special union of this beautiful couple. They attended BootCamp and/or SYMBIS. As they have become husband and wife, we pray God's empowering presence to walk with them for many years ahead. Congratulations to the newlyweds!
As you look at the picture above, what thoughts run through your mind? This is one of our neighbors homes across the street. We have witnessed on many occasions the absolute JOY that comes to faces as they drive or walk past the yard.  Many stop and take pictures. Obviously, there is something they want to remember or perhaps share with someone. One thing for sure, when people walk away from this corner lot, they do so with a smile :-)

Despite all the commercialization of Christmas, without Jesus's birth, there would be no Christmas! When we look out our window, drive down the street or walk past this yard, we see LIGHT which brings JOY!  Jesus is the LIGHT of the world and where there is LIGHT, JOY follows.

This year as you see homes decorated with lights and blow ups and the sort, we pray that you too will be drawn to the LIGHT and let your heart fill with JOY knowing that it all started with the baby named, Jesus, born in a manger. LIGHT does not have to be limited to a yard. Let the Light of Jesus shine deep on your heart so you can let your light shine upon others.

As you see lights throughout this season, may you be reminded that the LIGHT of the world is Jesus and he shines bright all year long!


"Life Coaching with Sissy" VISION BOARDS
Ladies, "What will YOU do in 2022?" Come vision together! 
January 7, 2022 - 10am-12pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm
Freedom Community Center - Missouri City, TX

Grace Church - Houston, Texas
February 18-19, 2022

Sagemont Church
March 19, 2022 @ 7 PM
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