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2nd Quarter 2023 Newsletter

What's Been Happening?

Throughout this past quarter, our commitment to working with couples through SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) and providing mentoring has remained constant. In addition, we have invested our time and energy in training conducted by the Gottman Institute, solidifying our position as leaders in the well-known "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work."

We recognize the importance of continually advancing and expanding our services to meet the needs of couples. Whether they are in the midst of a serious dating relationship, engaged, or already married, we are equipping ourselves with the resources to empower them to persevere.  Most couples "Say, I Do" with ease; however, we exist to help couples "STAY, I Do."
Proverbs 4:23 urges us to diligently guard our hearts as they shape the very direction of our lives. When a couple allows transformation to happen in their hearts, their relationship will turn in a new direction. As we continue sharing God's Design of a Kingdom Marriage through Heart Builder, we truly appreciate your prayers.

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Heart Builder Ministries
What is the "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work?"

When participating in a Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work workshop or individual sessions, a couple will learn:
  1. Enhancing Love Maps: Deepening your relationship (friendship) by developing updated "Love Map" through exercises which will foster emotional connection and intimacy.
  2. Nurturing Fondness and Admiration: Rekindle the flame of love and admiration in your marriage by fostering a culture of appreciation when using practical tools to reinforce positive sentiments and counteract negativity.
  3. Turn Toward Each Other Instead of Away: Prioritize small moments of connection and responding positively to your spouse's bid for attention and affection to cultivate emotional safety and foster a strong bond.
  4. Let Your Spouse Influence You: Embrace your spouse's influence and value their perspective through practical strategies for collaboration and shared decision-making, fostering a sense of equality and partnership.
  5. Solve Your Solvable Problems: Learn how to soften start-ups, make repairs, self-soothe, compromise, and process grievances while practicing new skills.
  6. Overcoming Gridlock: Identify and address emotional needs and dreams underlying your conflicts, enabling you to find common ground, compromise, and achieve resolution.
  7. Create Shared Meaning: Establish a strong marital foundation when learning to co-create shared dreams, goals, and rituals while enriching your shared values, traditions, and aspirations.
If you are interested in attending a Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work or desire more information, click here.
Celebration Corner - Newlyweds

We celebrate the Joy of Love! Join us in honoring and cheering for these extraordinary couples as they embark on their incredible journey together. From BootCamp to SYMBIS, they've equipped themselves for a lifetime of marriage. With hearts joined as one, we wish them abundant blessings and the enduring guidance of a divine love. Congratulations to these amazing newlyweds!
Connor & Linda
April 21, 2023
Greg & Madison
May 20, 2023
Vinit & Marian
May 20, 2023

As we celebrate this July 4th, let us remember the blessings our nation has enjoyed and the freedom we cherish. May we offer gratitude to God for His abundant blessings, protection and guidance in our lives.

Happy Independence Day, and May God bless America!

A dead stump looks like its time is up. Yet, from its center, a miraculous transformation unfolds. A vibrant burst of life emerged, as vibrant green leaves sprouted, breathing new vitality into the dead stump.

Perhaps you feel your marriage is in a dry place. When you have God at the center, there is still "Hope." Never put God in a box! He takes dead things and breathes new life into them. Keep your eyes looking up from where your help comes and know that ALL things are possible with God! 
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Attention all engaged and married couples! We want YOU to be a part of an unforgettable journey that will ignite and strengthen your relationship.

Engaged and ready to take the next step? Just like you insure precious possessions, we believe in "Marital Insurance" through Pre-Marriage Prep such as the EXPLODE BootCamp Experience. By investing in your relationship upfront, you're building a solid foundation for a lifetime of love. And here's an exciting BONUS: Get a fantastic $60 off your Texas Marriage License when you join us! Don't wait any longer, register today and discover the incredible benefits of EXPLODE BootCamp.

Already married and seeking to add some spice to your relationship? Whether you're newlyweds or seasoned partners, we've got your back! Experience the power of a marriage refresher and gain new tools to enrich your bond. Spend just one Saturday at EXPLODE BootCamp, and we guarantee you'll walk away with something valuable to enhance and grow your relationship. Don't let skepticism hold you back—take a leap and give the EXPLODE BootCamp a try!

Know other couples searching for an anchor in their marriages? Why not gift them a EXPLODE BootCamp Experience or even make it a double date? Learning doesn't have to be dull and tedious; we've created a dynamic and enjoyable environment for all participants. Join us and let the fun begin!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to strengthen, enhance, and revitalize your relationship. Register now for the EXPLODE BootCamp Experience!

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Red, White & Blue Trifle
Pico de Gallo
Marinated Tuna Steak
Watermelon & Green Apple Summer Salad


Saturday, August 12 at 7 PM
Gateway Houston | 25024 Katy Mills Dr.
| Katy, TX

Thursday, October 12 - 7:00 PM
Toyota Center, | 1510 Polk St., Houston, TX 
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