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3rd Qtr 2021

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What's Been Happening?
We are happy to announce we are back to In-Person BootCamps and SYMBIS assessments! Praise God! In addition to our pre-marriage prep opportunities, Sissy has started Life Coaching with ladies. This added service not only helps a woman move forward in her life, it enhances her marital relationship as well.

As we continue to host BootCamps and SYMBIS assessments, we strive to better equip each couple for their future marriage. We strongly believe it IS possible to have a healthy, thriving and joyful marriage, even in today's society, if we will follow God's Design and be INTENTIONAL in our relationship! We are continuing to seek God's will for all He has for us to accomplish for His Kingdom.
Happy Fall Ya'll

There is just something about Fall that is peaceful. When we think of Fall,

What are you Thankful, Grateful and Blessed with in your life?
We want to encourage each couple/family to create a
Fill your board with all those things that are special in your life and place it where you see everyday to remind you to take time to remember all your blessings.
Please send us a picture of your board by clicking HERE!
As our spirits are fed and challenged, we like to share those things that cross our pathways which might encourage, strengthen and build up others. With that said, the other morning while walking, I listened to a podcast by Joyce Meyer in which I learned she had written a new book, "Authentically, Uniquely You." I listened to the first four parts of the series and decided this was a book I would like to have in our library.
I am not sure about you, but I have come across many people today who struggle with their "identity." I have had my own struggles with "identity." It has always amazed me how I could be feeling very confident one minute and then within no time, I am questioning myself and walking straight into my "worldly identity." This questioning can also lead to more questioning about my faith and the downward spiral is quick. Can anyone beside me relate?

Perhaps you are not familiar with the term "worldly identity." A quick definition is...A "worldly identity" is one that you acquire as you walk through this life. It is the voice that says, "You are what you do." It is the identity in which you never measure up. It is the identity in which you compare yourself with others. The identity where you "people please." This identity is filled with insecurity, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. A "worldly identity" is where you believe the voices of the past or even present that negatively "label" you.  Basically a "worldly identity" is a performance based identity that keeps you in bondage.

On the other hand, our "Christ Identity" is never "performance based." This is your 'true identity." However, it is so vastly different than the "worldly identity" that many times it is hard to accept our "Christ Identity" as our true self. This identity is one in which we are "enough" because of Christ who lives in us. This identity is where we experience grace and forgiveness. Unconditional love flows to us in this identity. We are "chosen, royal, valuable, and unique" in our "Christ Identity." In our "Christ Identity," we are always enough and experience freedom.

Having read "Authentically, Uniquely You," I highly recommend anyone that has or does struggle with their own identity to listen to Authentically, Uniquely You - Part 1 of the podcast. If you are encouraged by that, you might consider purchasing the book for yourself or even someone you know who is challenged in this area. Quite honestly, many women as well as men deal with identity issues at some point in life.

If you know Joyce Meyer's story, then you know this woman certainly has struggled with her identity and for good reasons. You also know she has taken every bit of her pain and struggle and allowed God to use it for His Glory! We believe "Authentically, Uniquely You" does not need to be reinvented by us. If this is an area of growth for you, this book is a fantastic resource. Enjoy!
Life Coaching for ladies is in full swing and God is on the move! So excited to be able to partner with some beautiful women who are ready to SOAR. If you believe this might be you or you know another woman who is ready to move forward, click the button below for your COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Call.
Having Sissy as my life coach has been so beneficial and life altering! Creating and achieving goals is not a new thing for me but for the past two years I’ve been stuck in a rut. In one month of working together I have accomplished one of my top goals and I’ve made numerous steps in the right direction towards other goals. Coaching has taught me how to dig deeper into my subconscious mind to find the reasons behind my current actions and habits. We’ve even worked together to develop tools and logical steps to take before the next session to ensure I am making strides towards my desired actions and habits each week! I leave every session feeling stronger, redirected and recharged! 
Pre-Marriage Bootcamp In-Person 
$60 off Texas Marriage License
Saturday, October 23, 2021
(9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Engaged? We believe Pre-Marriage BootCamp can help you strengthen your future marriage together, PLUS get $60 off your Texas Marriage License. We are happy to announce we are back to IN- PERSON BootCamp meetings! You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVEYTHING to gain when you attend our Pre-Marriage BootCamp. Don't delay, register today!
Learn More About the BootCamp
Celebration Corner - Newlyweds
We CELEBRATE marriage! Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the special union of these beautiful couples. They attended BootCamp and/or SYMBIS. As they have become husband and wife, we pray God's empowering presence to walk with them for many years ahead. Congratulations to these amazing couples.
Mario and Talum
June 24, 2021
Danielson and Jessica
December 6, 2021
Two Questions To Ponder...

Do you want to make a point?
Do you want to make a difference?

The Oxford Dictionary defines "Offended" as:
"resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult."

Many times we are "offended" by something "perceived" meaning it is not necessarily the truth. How many times has this happened in your relationship?

Craig Groeschel does an excellent job to address this subject in

"Stop Being Offended"

Tasty Recipes
Easy Grain Free Bread
Honey Pumpkin Whipped Butter
Just reading the title above can make me feel anxious.
But, "Why?"

As a middle-aged man in today's society, it's very apparent that society as a whole, Believers too,  are often rushed in their daily lives. Texts and social media posts expect immediate responses. Employers throw a project on your desk at 4 PM and need it tomorrow! Your spouse says they "want it done NOW.". Hurry up! Hurry up! Don't delay, it needs to be done NOW!

I fully understand the urgency of some matters, although I also recognize there are many times "things" can wait. Why wait? What is the benefit of waiting? Our minds and our emotions only can handle so much daily information. Maybe, just maybe, our relationships would have less anxiety, stress or depression if we just say to ourselves, "Breathe, Relax, and Enjoy" the present moment you are in!

Did the Lord ever say to the crowds, "Hurry up and come here I am speaking?" No, he waited for the crowds to gather before him. He was fully present in every situation of his life. Let me leave you with a scripture to ponder:
"Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry?
Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?"
Jeremiah 2:25a (MSG)

 A big struggle for many marriages today is FINANCES,
check out this wonderful opportunity to take control over your finances!
Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey Course)
Freedom Community Center - Missouri City, TX
October 5 - November 30 (Tuesday Evenings)

XO Marriage Conference - Austin, TX
October 8 - 9, 2021

Freedom Community Center Fall Festival
October 31st, 4 PM - 8 PM

Lauren Daigle - Toyota Center - Houston, TX

November 4, 2021 @ 7:30 PM

Tauren Wells - City of Heaven Tour
Bayou Music Center - Houston, TX

King & Country - A Drummer Boy Christmas
Toyota Center - Houston, TX
December 4th - 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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