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2nd Quarter 2020

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What's Been Happening?
Can you believe the year of 2020? There is one thing we can all agree on...Life as we once knew it has changed!

Despite COVID-19, our ministry to engaged couples has pushed forward. We have been hosting Zoom Pre-Marriage BootCamp meetings with great results and we have been facilitating SYMBIS with couples through Zoom as well. The definite advantage of having BootCamp and SYMBIS online is the location of the couple is not an issue. We are thankful for every couple that has put this time at home to good use by investing in their future marriages. Although we have had to cancel some events, we know God's timing is perfect for the rescheduling.

We, along with many of you cannot believe that 2020 is half over. We want to encourage each of you to CHOOSE with us to look forward to what God will be doing in the second half. We must always remember..."Because He lives, we can face tomorrow" because He holds tomorrow!
What Do You Need Right Now?

If COVID has taught us anything, it should be how very little we can control. Most of us do not like it when we cannot control things; therefore, these past several months have created much anxiety and stress, yes, even for Believers. 

Recently, Steve Furtick preached a great message titled, "Plot Twist" which is definitely worth the watch. One of his statements that stuck out to both of us was "You can choose your choices, but you cannot choose your consequences."

Let that sink in a minute. Think back to a time when you might have made a difficult choice which was the best choice, but nonetheless a very hard choice. Our guess is that despite the challenge of the choice, as you look back it was well worth it and you enjoyed the consequence that followed.

However, the same can be said when we think back to a poor choice we made which most likely was the easiest choice and how the consequence was devastating and we could not stop it. You see when we make the "hard" choice, the consequences are most likely going to be much easier. But, when we make the "easy" choice, most likely the consequences are going to be much harder to walk through.

So we want to ask you, "What do you need right now?" Are you tired of being in your home? Is your faith being stretched? Are you sick? Do you have wayward children and/or family members? Is all you can see is darkness? What choices do we currently have and what consequences will follow? Believe it or not, even though we cannot control what is going on around us, we still have the ability to make CHOICES that will positively affect our lives.

A woman by the name of Sinach Joseph from Lagos, Nigeria wrote the very popular song titled "Way Maker." Have you ever wondered what the story is behind such powerful lyrics? "Even when I don't see it your working, Even when I don't feel it, your working." Have you ever not felt or seen the Lord working in your situation? Is that situation right now? The writer goes on to say, "You never stop, you never stop working." Do you believe that? 

It is clear that Sinach had a CHOICE to make at this point of life. It is quite clear she chose to walk the path with "The One" who you can NEVER go wrong with! The rest is history and many are blessed by her choice today!

NOW more than ever, we need to sing these words LOUD! Let's not just sing these words, let's pray and ask the Holy Spirit to sear them into our minds and hearts so that BELIEF can spring forth! Each of us needs the Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper and Light in the Darkness. We want you to be encouraged today. He NEVER stops working, especially when we don't see it or feel it! 
Pre-Marriage Bootcamp via Zoom
$60 off Texas Marriage License
Saturday & Sunday, July 18th & 19th (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

Although the venue of our BootCamps has changed, the content and impact has not! We have been blessed to host our BootCamps via Zoom! Corona Virus or not, we will continue to  educate and train couples for their future marriages. Education is your "best friend" especially when it pertains to marriage. We educate ourselves in every other area of life, so please don't neglect marriage! 
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Celebration Corner - Newlyweds

In the past, we have been able to show you some of our couples wedding photos; however, as we all know, COVID-19 has halted many areas of our lives and weddings have definitely been impacted. We do look forward to sharing more happy couples as they are able to have their weddings.We continue to pray that God comfort their hearts and provide great wisdom as they navigate the necessary changes.

Tasty Recipes
Finding yourselves with more time together?
Here are a few suggestions to do while we all wait it out:
  • Get out old scrapbooks and reminisce or create new ones.
  • Challenge your cooking skills and cook a new recipe.
  • Make a Vision Board together for your marriage.
  • Find an online dance tutorial and learn a new dance at home.
  • Some painting places are open now for in shop painting and/or pick up kits, check out those in your area
  • What about a double-date Zoom night of charades? That might be quite entertaining
  • Get one of your favorite photos of you two and create it as a puzzle in Zazzle or some other site and put it together

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We greatly appreciate all donations and prayer support! Blessings to each of you!
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